Monday, 9 November 2009

Hello World! It's Carrot!!

I feel I should start by introducing Carrot Marketing- the newest member of the Pittsburgh design and marketing scene! Before I can tell you about Carrot, I need to tell you about me...

My name is Jessica Burke and I've just recently returned to the 'Burgh' after being away in London, England since 2003. Of all the places I've been Pittsburgh is still the best! The nicest people, the best atmosphere.... and of course my friends and family are here! In London I was the Managing Director of a small direct marketing agency. There I specialised in lead generation through a small number of direct marketing activities - mainly telemarketing and e-marketing. After working in this environment for 6 years it became apparent that in order for my clients to have the best business opportunities they needed to use a multi-channel approach. Unfortunately, the owners of my old company didn't feel the same - and Carrot was born!!

Carrot is a multi-channel marketing agency that specializes in demand generation solutions. We strictly work with companies that have high-growth ambitions but where there is a 'mismatch' between their goals and their internal capabilities. The world of marketing is moving quickly and we assist our clients in using the best channels of marketing for their business. This is through a combination of push marketing, pull marketing, online marketing and traditional marketing channels. These channels take the form of:
  • Corporate Appointment Setting
  • Delegate Sourcing and Booking
  • Lead Generation
  • Business Database Sourcing and Creation
  • E-marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Consultancy
  • Website Design
  • Market Strategy Creation and Implementation
  • Design Communications
  • Entrance to US/European Markets

We work in partnership with our clients assisting them in identifying their revenue goals and the best strategies to meet those goals. Marketing and Sales are the lifeblood of any company and Carrot believe that any company not actively undertaking marketing activities will standstill or at worse die. It is also important to recognize that companies can no longer afford to only undertake one channel of marketing. It's the multi-channel approach that will drastically increase the number of in-bound leads a company receives which in turn will decrease the amount of time needed to increase sales and revenue.

Throughout the next few weeks I will be discussing more about each of these various marketing channels and what each channel can do for your business!

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